Samaritan's Purse
The Syrian refugee crisis was created by an internal conflict that has been tearing the country apart for more than two years. Forces loyal to the Ba’ath government and president Bashar al-Assad are battling with rebel factions seeking to grab control. Caught in the middle are innocent families who live in constant fear of violence. Death and insecurity have forced millions of Syrians to run for their lives, with more than two million seeking refuge in neighboring Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq. Three-quarters of these refugees are women and children, according to United Nations reports.

GSV Impact:  

Provided 11,069 outpatient consultations, benefitting 10,988 people

Distributed 46 packages of diapers, benefitting 14 children

Distributed 59 startup tool kits to apprentices who graduated in 2021

Selected 84 beneficiaries to participate in drought-resilient farming programs

Trained over 7,000 people in health practices 

GSV Investment: $100,000

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Make an Impact through god-sized vision

As you read about all the projects completed over the past year, please know that none of this could have been accomplished without your support. Every time you give to CLC, your generosity is not only making an impact in our local neighborhoods but all around the world.

Let’s celebrate all that God has done and all that He will continue to do!